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LittleTown Counseling is a leading centre for family and child therapists in Littleton. Our expert therapist Cappi Morgan-Black specializes in providing therapy on various issues like addictions-counselor behaviors and parenting issues. Using a very different approach our therapist helps in resolving the underlying issues concerning marriage, family, children and adolescents.

With experience on various issues faced by both adults and children, our expert therapist can help you overcome your problems.

You may need therapy if you are facing the following emotional and behavioral problems, including:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Relationship Difficulties with spouse or children
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Stress, low Self Esteem

These are some of the problems that you may face as an individual or due to some problems in the marriage or family. If these problems are not addressed in the time, they may develop into long term real problems.

Our Therapy

Cappi Morgan-Black is one of the leading therapists in Littleton specializing in addictions counseling, family, marriage, children and adolescent, relationships and individual counseling. Unlike the traditional method of treatment, our therapist uses different approach like the Imago © Therapy developed by Harville Hendrix and techniques developed through years of practice. This helps in approaching the issues faced by people in more effective way. It not only helps in solving recurring issues like alcoholism and addictions, it also address underlying problems such as bad childhood experiences that have left a very negative impact on you.

Through counseling and practice both at the clinic and at home, our therapy can help people overcome their fear, anxiety and issues that are holding them back.

Our Therapy offers following results and more:

  • Improved communication or changing behavior
  • A functional family or marriage with renewed relationships
  • Better coping skills
  • Capability to resolve their own problems
  • Handle challenges better
  • Give and receive emotional support
  • See things in new light

With experience in diverse issues, our therapist creates a safe and non-judgmental environment to help deal with various issues. Cappi helps people realize their potential and helps them work through cycles of negative interaction to bring your relationships with your spouse, children and yourself to a more secure and attached place.

To enquire about a therapy appointment with Cappi Morgan-Black, call us today at (303) 741-2273.

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