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Are you struggling with your marriage or relationship? Do you find it difficult to communicate, understand, or come to agreement with one another? If yes, then you need Cappi Morgan Black, who offers marriage counseling in Littleton. She will help you face issues of disconnecting, feeling unappreciated or taken for granted, and assist you to implement tools that are customized for you as a couple.

Couples seek marriage counseling in Littleton because they:

  • Are frequently angry and engaged in power struggles with each other.
  • Are stuck in old patterns of communication that do not work.
  • Are having an extramarital relationship, or are drawn emotionally toward someone outside the relationship.
  • Have a desire to rekindle the romance of their relationship or are experiencing minor issues.
  • Are considering separation or divorce, but are willing to attempt reconciliation through counseling.
  • Are stuck in disagreement around issues like money, intimacy, extended family, in-laws, parenting.
  • Are seeking premarital counseling.

Marriage counseling in Littleton can help resolve couplesí issues. Unlike most counselors who deal with power struggles between partners by listening to their conflict, and then making suggestions to their clients, Cappi is a counseling specialist in Littleton, who utilizes Imago Therapy (developed by Harville Hendrix), combined with techniques of her own, that were created throughout many years of experience and expertise as a marriage counselor.

The principle behind Imago Therapy is that partners have the potential to resolve their own problems, given the right tools. The therapist is there to guide them in the process of conflict resolution, and to teach them how to communicate in a loving, respectful, solution-oriented, and win-win manner.

Research shows that verbal abuse and the following 5 defenses ruin relationships if it is persistent:

  • Defensiveness, Rebutting
  • Contempt, Name Calling, Attacking
  • Withdrawal
  • Criticism, Ridicule
  • Blaming and Shaming

In 12 sessions or less couples learn to:

  • Heal and renew your relationship and focus on its strengths
  • De-escalate arguments and develop a listening partner
  • Communicate effectively and lovingly with your partner and children
  • De-escalate arguments and develop a listening partner
  • Improve sexual intimacy
  • Show your children through example to communicate without anger or withdrawal
  • Learn how to be each other's best friend and create romance back into the relationship
  • Learn how to constructively cope with conflict and anger through easy techniques that enrich your relationship and are respectful of others

Marriage counseling in Littleton focuses on using the best tools and techniques to resolve reoccuring issues between couples. These tools and techniques are taught to couples while in counseling and then practiced at home. The result is there is no dependency on therapy after 12 sessions. Now you will have useful and healing tools to effectively communicate and find solutions for your marriage or relationship and for the rest of your lives! Cappi gives you the opportunity to work on yourself in a safe and productive environment that ultimately leads to gathering insights about changes only you have the ability to alter.

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