Counseling For the Individual

Individuals often come to counseling for the following reasons:

  • A desire to change negative thoughts and patterns that donít work.
  • Are experiencing painful life transitions and want direction and guidance.
  • Want to work through past or current family-of-origin issues.
  • Feel trapped in a current job or relationship.
  • A desire to clarify and navigate through confused or self-doubting thoughts.
  • Are experiencing grief and sadness, hopelessness or despair.
  • Want better coping mechanisms to deal with stress.

From the first therapy session, we at LittleTown Counseling in Littleton, will work together to define your particular concerns and the desired outcomes you wish to meet. We will explore how early messages you came to believe as a child impacts your thoughts and choices now. Also we identify how your life experiences influence your beliefs and decisions. Understanding thoughts that keep you trapped in self-destructive patterns will also help to identify how your self-confidence is impacted. Through counseling in Littleton, you will build new inner resources that allow you to put together a new framework and strategy, as well as a new skill set, to achieve a satisfying and productive life. I believe people ultimately want to feel good about themselves, so my job is to help you navigate the course to reaching self-fulfillment, and healthier relationships.

Individual Counseling: Treating Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma with EMDR

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) has proven to be the most effective and healing modality for anxiety, trauma, or stress. In the last 20 years empirical research, as well as client self-reporting, has repeatedly shown successful outcomes in terminating symptoms of anxiety, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. The process allows you to connect your emotions to how you interpret life experiences. EMDR gives you a new framework that offers more constructive and healing tools to deal with stress and worry, or symptoms of obsessive thoughts, insomnia from worry, lack of focus, hypervigilance, and generalized anxiety.

She also works with general depression, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which focuses on addressing the negative self-talk or internal monologue that perpetuates low self-esteem and hopelessness. With the methods provided in therapy, you learn to challenge self-sabotaging thoughts that lead to behaviors and beliefs about yourself and the world that are irrational and exaggerated. Whether you are seeking EMDR counseling in Littleton, coping mechanisms for depression, self-doubt, or lack of motivation, Cappi is well experienced in treating individuals who are proactive and want to change old destructive patterns.

Do you feel like you donít know what to do or where to turn to make anxiety or depression better? Counseling in Littleton, or LittleTown Counseling can help. Call us today at (303) 741-CARE (2273).

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