Child and Adolescent Therapy

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Child and Teen therapy

Just like their parents, children suffer with problems too. Common issues such as divorce, moving, merged families, new schools, peer approval, bullying, rapid mood swings from hormone development, and conflict with their parents, are some challenges that adolescents face daily. Cappi has educational and treatment expertise in ADHD/ADD, Bipolar, Depression, Oppositional Defiance (rebellious and noncompliant), and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (anxiety driven thoughts and behaviors that push one to perform meaningless tasks, rituals, or avoid irrational beliefs).

Cappi, who practices adolescent counseling in Littleton, specializes in helping children cope with various life problems. She works with children from the age of 5 to 18. Unlike adults, children and adolescents have more difficulty dealing with physical changes and emotional issues because they are in developmental stages that are new to navigate. As they grow, they are constantly developing skills and emotional intelligence to lead a normal and happy life. When they face emotional challenges, they either succeed or fall into behavioral habits that may harm them in the long run. Our adolescent counseling helps them overcome problems and offers long term solutions and strategies for dealing with life.

Itís important to treat children and teenagers with respect and dignity. Most are nervous and untrusting of therapy. The first priority is to develop a therapeutic relationship that feels safe and trusting. Cappi utilizes play therapy, humor, and therapeutic board games to first engage children and teens. She lets them know that confidentiality is an important aspect of the relationship. The therapy process will enable them to put emotions and experiences together into a new framework that gives them more constructive ways to deal with problems. Adolescent counseling in Littleton goes a long way in helping children overcome their problems effectively.

Some areas in therapy that address children and adolescent needs are:

  • Learning to identify, accept and express feelings appropriately.
  • Normalizing feelings that are confusing or bothering them.
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence by building new inner resources.
  • Developing self-control under stress, as well as teaching anger management.
  • Learning to generate multiple positive choices and options when faced with making decisions.
  • Building mindfulness around their choices, as well as how others might interpret them.
  • Dealing with peer pressure in constructive ways.
  • Helping them understand and resolve issues resulting from their parentís divorce.
  • Utilizing tools to cope with ADHD/ADD, Bipolar, Depression, Obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors, Oppositional behaviors, and learning disabilities.
  • Helping them understand and resolve family issues and conflicts with siblings or parents.


Do you feel like you don't know what to do or where to turn to make the situation better with your child or teen? Our adolescent counseling in Littleton can help! Call us today at (303) 741-2273

Family and Parenting Counseling

Family and Parenting Counseling

Parents and families often seek counseling for some of the following reasons:

  • Help with angry or out of control teenagers
  • Help with their own anger or ineffective parenting
  • Power struggles with their child or teen that involve arguing, manipulating, verbal abuse, and sometimes physical altercations
  • The child or teen seems more invested in winning the power struggle than in having a good relationship with the parent or vice-versa
  • The parent is inconsistent in discipline by arguing, begging, raging, avoiding, threatening, or rescuing the child or teen
  • The parents are not on the same page regarding parenting and discipline issues
  • The parents are feel ineffectual and frustrated with blended family issues
  • The child/teen refuses to take responsibility for their behaviors.
  • The child/teen is dealing with the aftermath of divorce or loss of a parent

Parents meet with Cappi first to access the family issues. Then together we develop a concrete plan that involves educating the parents about effective parenting and terminating old patterns that have been unsuccessful or destructive to everyone in the family. I believe parents do the best they can but often what we learned wasn't so effective. Plus for today's children and teens it is a much more difficult world to navigate, and thus the burden on parents is tremendous.

Cappi has created a disciplinary program that teaches parents to quit nagging, yelling, or whatever the negative pattern has been, and walks them through new techniques that empower the parent as well as the child or teen. The goal is to create a family system where everyone works together as a family unit towards respectful and caring interactions. Everyone is accountable for their choices and everyone feels the rewards of reconnecting through loving communication and specific techniques to deal with conflict.

Cappi shows parents how to be on the same page so that children and teens don't learn to divide and conquer. Through a specific plan tailored to meet the child's problems and to correct old patterns, everyone wins, and as parents you will feel good about raising responsible and independent children. Together, the family works as a system to effect change. Cappi offers families a way to meet their needs, honor their differences, and maximize the strengths they bring to the family relationship. Even if your child or teen has an emotional handicap, they still want and need to manage their feelings and be equipped to live a productive and satisfying life!

Do you feel like you don't know what to do or where to turn to make your family or parenting situation better? LittleTown Counseling can help! Call us today at (303) 741-2273

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