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“Cappi is very compassionate and a good listener. She helped me save my marriage.” -LT

“Cappi has helped my children recapture their ability to laugh and feel safe in the world again.” -SS

“One of the greatest happenings of my life was meeting Cappi. I have recovered from many physical ailments, but the greatest miracle was how Cappi helped me heal emotionally.” -CM

“Cappi played a significant part in my recovery. I'll always be very grateful for her help.” -GM

About Cappi Morgan-Black

Counselor Denver Suburb of Littleton, Colorado

Cappi is a marriage and family specialist with twenty-plus years of experience in the counseling field. Regarding work with children, she has educational and treatment expertise in ADHD as well as Bipolar I and II, and Oppositional Defiance Disorders.

Cappi started out in the Addictions/Substance Abuse field at St. Lukes Outpatient Program in Denver Colorado. The work entailed individual and group therapy for alcoholics and substance abusers, as well as educating and treating family members. While there she created and implemented one of the first treatment programs for cocaine dependence.

From St. Lukes, Cappi moved to private practice in 1987. After obtaining a Master's Degree in Social Work, her practice moved more towards family and marriage counseling, as well as treating adolescents and children. Her philosophy is that families are systems that interconnect and work together either in harmony or against one another. Much like a mobile hanging on a tree, all the separate pieces effect change and attempt to stay balanced. If one piece becomes tangled or lopsided, the other pieces also are affected.

In working with families, whether it's the marriage, the children or parenting issues, it is most effective to envision and understand the bigger picture; the dynamics and patterns of each member's interactions with one another in order to create a whole and healthy family unit. Her training, education and experience have made her an expert practitioner in the profession and in her field.

While at the University of Denver, Cappi won the Dorethea Spellmann Award for Academic Achievement. She is best known for her work with families and intimate relationships, but also enjoys the versatility of practicing with a wide range of people and areas of expertise. The modalities she uses are a combination of Family Systems theory, Gestalt therapy, Psychoeducation, Child Development theories, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Play therapy, and Reality Therapy to name a few.

She also knows first hand how family systems can easily become dysfunctional from her own experience as a mother and parent. One of her own children struggled in his adolescence and she and her husband found themselves lost as parents. Eventually they placed their son in a wilderness program, Monarch, in Georgetown Colorado, and he concluded his Junior and Senior year of high school at a "Therapeutic Boarding School" named Carlbrook in Virginia. Through some of her own mistakes in parenting she has learned humility, compassion for other families and parents, and has a world of knowledge now that unfortunately is not taught in any post-graduate universities. She and her husband attended months of family therapy, education, intensive workshops in order to "get their son back," and reconnect. It has been a painful but meaningful journey in which everyone has grown and benefited. If anyone understands the pain and struggle involved in raising children, Cappi certainly knows, and now has the tools to educate and teach other parents.

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